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100 Steps to the Mediterranean, 2013

Venues: The Rose Art Museum
100 Steps to the Mediterranean, a solo exhibition of photography and video installations by Dor Guez. Featuring selected works from his series “Lydd Ruins”, “The Monayer Family”, “The Nation’s Groves”, “SABIR”, and “Scanograms”, the exhibition is the artist’s most comprehensive to date and his first major museum show in the United States.
Guez takes as his overt subject the Christian Arab minority in Israel, a community marginalized by the prevailing meta-narratives of both Arabs and Israelis. Guez’s work addresses gaps in these narratives while exploring contemporary art’s role in raising questions about history, nationality, ethnicity, and personal identity.
In his videos, Guez’s camera remains primarily static, placing the viewer in close physical proximity to each family member as they dwell on their multifaceted identities, argue with one another, and consider, then reconsider, their places in Israeli society and the Arab world. The editing and sequencing of the videos, in which critical events and conversations often occur off-camera, manifest the family’s ambivalent societal status, generational differences, and individual fortitude.

* The exhibition was accompanied by a publication designed by “Wilcox Design”, including essays by Samir Srouji, Gannit Ankori, Dabney Hailey, and Dor Guez. Published by: New England Press
Video, 19:37 minutes, 2011.
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