Locusts, 2020
​(work in progress) 
This project reconstructs American Colony photographer Larsson’s album of the 1915 locust plague in Palestine into a moving-image piece. Guez’s new work reflects on early photography’s role in reinventing the “Holy Land” and producing colonial visual knowledge about the local landscape, and indigenous agriculture. The project presents Larsson’s album of the locust plague as a mirror reflecting today’s regional ecological and political strife. Yet, at the same time, the project problematizes the traditional notion of photography as a document that objectively captures and reflects the world. Through a process of categorization and re-arrangement, the locust album reflects as much about its subjects- the current rise of international agriculture companies, and the extinction of traditional Palestinian agriculture- as it does the nature of the photograph itself.
Based on Photograph Album created by Lewis Larsson for the American Colony in Jerusalem, 1915. American Colony Archive, Jerusalem

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