Bypass, 2014
Venues: Digital Art Center, Holon, and Videobrasil, São Paulo, Brazil 
Guez's set of slides is comprised of sequential images of a road trodden daily by Palestinians leaving their village on their way to Jerusalem to earn a living, and then returning again to their villages at the days end. This road navigates around the separation wall. In contrast to the inherent promise of the fairytale path, leading the hero to his heart's desire, this road is not paved in golden cobblestones. This daily trek, almost a perfect parallel to the concrete scar of the separation wall, is built of the living footsteps of menial existences. Guez's gaze is directed downward, to the ground, watchfully tracing each footstep, testimony of all those who have walked before him. The work serves as testimony to the survival of people who found themselves locked up behind a wall.